Diving Holiday Ideas For 2012

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If you are considering a diving holiday this year, you have quite a wide range of destinations to choose from.

Your decision is usually based on what the location is like, both on land and underwater and if it will cater for all your needs.

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Are you planning to go on your diving holiday on your own, with friends or with the family? All these aspects will determine the type of holiday you book and the location you go to.

A great location which you may want to consider for a diving holiday, is the Red Sea. The area has been a diving location for many years. This has been due to many factors which are considered ideal for diving. As the red sea has been a location for diving holidays for many years, it is well setup to cater for diving tourism, either for individuals or the whole family. The red sea is also unique in that it is a vast expanse of water, fed from the Indian Ocean. Because of its vast expanse and deep diving depths in places, there is a multitude of sites to see underwater, which you will not find anywhere else.

Because the red sea covers such a large area and is bordered by few different countries, you have a wide choice as to which country you wish to visit which borders the red sea. So you have the advantage of being able to visit a few different countries and still have access to all the diving spots in the red sea.

The area is also most well-known for its vast coral reefs, diversity of exotic marine life and year-round underwater visibility. The red sea is also host to many shipwrecks. The majority of the ship wrecks in the red sea were laid down before World War II. These vessels have now started to be taken over by the marine life in the area. All the above advantages of the red sea are great, but to go on the more advanced dives you will need diving qualifications. This is especially true if you wish to go ship wreck diving.

Wreck diving requires more skill and experience than a general dive. If you are considering a diving holiday in the red sea, then it is more than likely that you do have experience in diving, but to go on the best wreck dives, you need to have your diving certification in place. Most reputable diving holiday operators will provide you all the courses you need for diving to make sure you have the skills and experience necessary.

They will either recommend local diving schools to you or provide their own training courses. Either way, you will have official qualifications to be able to go on a wreck dive. Another possible reason for why a diving holiday in the red sea is a good idea, is that all the best areas of the red sea are becoming enclosed conservation areas. This obviously is for the benefit of the area and its ecosystem,but it also means that you will not be able to dive there without special permission. If you want to see these areas before they are cut off, then it is best to visit them before it is too late.

Obviously, the reason why these areas of the red sea are becoming conservation areas, cut off to the general public, is because too many people have been diving in the area over the years. This is not totally down to diving in itself, but to people who go diving in the area and do not respect the ecosystem as much as they could.

This is why any area you go diving, you must treat with upmost respect and only be there to observe. This way, future generations can still enjoy the areas for years to come. No matter which diving location you go to in the red sea, you will find the best diving can offer anywhere in the world.

The author has been a diving instructor for many years and wishes to recommend as a good Red Sea diving holiday specialist, Ultimate diving.co.uk.


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