Forget About Paris - 8 New Romantic Holiday Cities Uncovered

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1. Reykjavik

An island of wilderness and a port for explorers, Reykjavik has recently come onto the map as an incredibly romantic holiday. If your idea of romance is epic scenery and Scandinavian culture, then Reykjavik is the perfect destination for you. Its nightlife is becoming better and better known, turning Reykjavik into a must-visit for couples who love to party together. 
2. Istanbul
The city of Istanbul should be included in any ‘top’ list of cities, with its gorgeous minarets and fascinating history. Our pick of romantic boutique hotels in Istanbul would be Sumahan-on-the-Water. This hotel boasts its own ferry to transport  you  away from the bustle of central Istanbul. The hotel itself is situated in a converted liquor distillery and has its own ground floor library of books. If this relaxed, bohemian environment won’t make you fall in love, nothing will. 
3. Delhi
Foodies are advised to head straight to Delhi, where you can not only find cuisine from all over India but global dishes like pizza and sashimi. The great food and lively restaurants are sure to inspire romance.  When you’re done eating, take some time out to tour the fascinating museums and important historical monuments.  
4. Auckland
If your idea of romance is an action-packed adventure that you can share together, then Auckland can provide all of the sporting thrills to keep daredevils happy. Auckland is perhaps the leading city in the world when it comes to offering extreme experiences. Where else can you walk 380 degrees around the top of a skyscraper with no handrail? For calmer moments,  the city has a host of Victorian houses and Polynesian cultural centres for you to explore together. 
5. Stockholm
One of Europe’s coolest capitals, Stockholm is made up of a collection of islands that offer the most cutting edge in music, art galleries and fashion boutiques. If you’re interested in design and all things creative, then Stockholm will keep you busy from the morning until the evening. The natural charm of Stockholm is sure to make you feel as if you’ve discovered the perfect city. 
6. Rio de Janeiro
Described as a mixture between tropical paradise and gritty metropolis, Rio de Janeiro is one of the most unique destinations for lovers. A city for people who love to dance, Rio is famous for its samba music and incredible beach parties. If you want to experience a night life like no other on earth – Rio is the place to go!
7. Budapest
With beauty on its side, Budapest is arguable the most traditionally romantic city in all of Europe.  The city retains all of its incredible architecture and sits alongside the legendary river Danube. The riverside walks and bridges are a hotspot for Budapest’s young couples. Nightlife in Budapest attracts people from all over the region and summer is a great time to go if you want to catch the thronging outdoor garden parties.
romantic budapest
8. Shanghai
You surely have heard Shanghai described as the ‘Paris of the East’. Well, Shanghai has come into its own as one of the fastest changing and most cutting-edge cities in the world. Behind the rapidly expanding modern architecture, you will find a more historical Shanghai of interesting back streets, old Chinese gardens and Buddhist monasteries. Still an unconventional honeymoon destination, Shangahai is the perfect place to make memories together. 

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