Three Things We Love About Bangkok

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Bangkok is still going strong as the destination of choice for gap year students, weary office workers and every other shade of hedonist you can imagine. We’ve picked three of the best Bangkok activities for you to try when you visit this gorgeous city.

 damoan saduak

1. The Floating Markets at Damoan Saduak

The floating markets offer a chance to explore the tasty produce of the Thai countryside. The vendors man little canoes which are packed to the brim with all sorts of tasty fruits, vegetables and cooked foodstuffs. This trip is as popular as you might imagine, and consequently, don’t be surprised if some of the produce on offer isn’t as typically Thai as you might have hoped! The local markets will cater to what they believe the tourists want, so expect to find some souvenirs and Western exports amongst the Thai food.

2. Get custom-made clothes

Thai-Indians seem to have cornered the bespoke clothing market. You can choose from the tailor’s book of patterns or give them some magazine cuttings to show them what you’re after. You’ll have the option of choosing the cut, colour and cloth of your outfit. It’s best to having a couple of fittings to make sure that your new clothes really do fit you perfectly, but there’s no better way to bring home new clothes from your travels abroad.

3. All night Thai dance party

Let’s face it. Most people head to Thailand for the beach parties and the raucous nightlife. Thailand also has glossy nightclubs to rival any other city in the world. Bed Supperclub for example, is a mixed bar and restaurant which – hold the phone – has large, white-sheeted beds for sitting and drinking upon. It’s a very decadent affair with hot pink lighting, famous cocktails and a roster of DJ’s to put any Western superclub to shame. Well, this is Thailand after all. Other clubs to check out include 808 and Q Bar.

Are you planning a trip to Thailand? What do you think you will enjoy most? As a city, Bangkok also boasts an excellent metro system and a cultural life that is regenerating as individualism and new creative arts grow.

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