What is a Jewish Heritage Tour?

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A Jewish Heritage Tour is supposed to take one on an embarking journey into the glorious Jewish world from way back the olden days up to the contemporary Jewish life today. It lets one experience the mysteries of ancient history along with the modern communities built for the future.

Taking a look back the once glorious past of the Jewish life makes one understand the Jews’ existence and how they were able to flourish and preserve their rich culture and heritage.

Regardless of faith, this journey to the past has been said to stir the innermost feelings of every visitor as they once again see how miraculous the survival has been.

There are several Jewish Heritage Tours promoted nowadays. The tours usually take place in Israel, Eastern Europe, South America, Europe, Mediterranean, and North Africa.

The Jewish Faith

Jews or Chidren of Israel or Israelites were originally called Hebrews that were used to describe Abraham. They are said to be the first descendants of Jacob.

The Jewish faith is based on a number of basic principles of faith, the first one being monotheism or the belief in only one God. They highly value having a personal and individual relationship with God. They firmly believe in family faith and living the faith.

A religious Jew tries to bring God’s holiness in every single thing they do. They strongly consider God in every decision they do and honors God in everything they accomplish.

Living the Jewish faith is like having a life as an act of worship.

What a Jewish Heritage Tour Can Do for your Faith

As Judaism is an Abrahamic religion recognizing Abraham as their patriarch, the Jewish Heritage Tours offers an overflow of historical significance. The tours include many of the relevant ancient landmarks still standing and visible today located in various areas around the world.

One of the best locations of these tours is in Israel at the Old City of Jerusalem where Abraham once lived. Jerusalem serves as a meeting point of three important religions today – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam where they were all known to begin. The place is full of historical religious landmarks where Abraham and his descendants lived and where Christ was born and raised.

The tour experience is particularly special for first time travelers. They could be travelers who just wants something different and is intrigued of what a Jewish Heritage Tour is or a traveler who has long been interested in the Jewish culture who would want a first-hand experience of it all.

Many can testify of how phenomenal these tours can be as it allows one to travel back in time with enough knowledge provided by the tour guide, spirituality that comes alive with each historical place visited, and cultural immersion with the Jewish rich culture.

A very good trait of the Jews that everyone can imbibe and put into good use is their strong belief of the faith of action. They uphold the belief that people should be judged not by the intellectual content of what they believe in but by the way they choose to live their faith and the ways they choose to contribute holiness to the world.


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